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Get the right materials into your products faster.

Halo is the materials innovation system that helps you understand what your customers and products need, prioritise what to work on and rally everyone around your plan.
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Better materials. In half the time.

We fix the fragmented data, inefficient workflows and tons of manual processes in your material innovation teams.

Halo brings performance, cost and sustainability data together.

We empower your teams to move towards 'zero-prototype' as the whole company moves towards Net Zero climate impact.
Understand current materials

Bring all of your data on material performance, cost and sustainability together in one secure, instantly searchable place.

Find better materials

Cut down on the thousands of emails floating around your teams' inboxes. And get automated updates from your shortlisted external material innovators.

Scale them for mass production

Smooth the journey to mass production. Build your coalition of product designers, procurement specialists and suppliers from Day 1.

Advanced technology. Made for everyone.

"What's a good alternative to using polyethylene in making this product?"

We use cutting edge technology with a user experience that means anyone in your organisation can get the information they need instantly.

When anyone can ask a question and get a clear answer, people start asking better questions. And with better questions comes untapped insight and repeatable product breakthroughs.